MG Motor unveils India's first digital car-less showroom : MG Digital Studio

Bengaluru, Oct. 31: Envisioning the future of car buying, MG Motor India today announced the opening of its first Digital Studio in Bengaluru. A showroom with no car on display, the facility is aimed at offering a unique visual immersive experience.

Situated in upscale Bengaluru, MG’s first Digital Studio is a sharp departure from the traditional automotive showroom, showcasing the future of automobile retail. With increased costs of operating a conventional car showroom including aspects like space, rentals and infrastructure; the new business model helps unlock operational efficiencies and offers more convenience as customer preferences move towards digital.

Commenting on the inauguration of the first Digital Studio, Rajeev Chaba, President & Managing Director, MG Motor India, said, “The first Digital Studio is a pilot project and showcases our vision towards the future of automotive retail without a car on display. With the growing importance of omni-channel brand presence, we believe that such showrooms represent the next-generation network footprint in the automotive business.”

The first MG Digital Studio offers simple, yet, impactful and interactive product demonstration of the HECTOR, using digital tools such as ‘Immersive Voice’ and AI-based Human Recognition – features synonymous with the MG brand. Apart from the Interactive Visualiser, the Digital Studio also offers Augmented Reality and other digital engagement tools for customers.

MG Motor India has partnered with Mumbai-based Eccentric Engine for ‘One 3-D’, its Automotive Visualisation Platform, for providing a rich and immersive experience to its customers. “We are thrilled that MG Motor is leveraging our One 3-D Platform for their first Digital Studio in Bengaluru. We believe that the future of automotive sales is ‘Omni-Channel’. We look forward to partnering with MG Motor to visualise their products through more futuristic touchpoints,” said Varun Shah, Co-Founder, Eccentric Engine.

About MG Motor India

Founded in the UK in 1924, Morris Garages vehicles were world-famous for their sports cars, roadsters, and cabriolet series. MG vehicles were much sought after by many celebrities, including the British Prime Ministers and even the British Royal Family, for their styling, elegance, and spirited performance. The MG Car Club, set up in 1930 at Abingdon in the UK, has more than a million loyal fans, making it by far one of the world’s largest clubs for a car band. MG has evolved into a modern, futuristic and innovative brand over the last 95 years. MG Motor India has commenced its manufacturing operations at its car manufacturing plant at Halol in Gujarat.

About Eccentric Engine

Eccentric Engine is Creator of One 3-D, the Automotive Visualisation Platform. One 3-D enables Automobile OEMs to take their Business Omni-Channel by providing rich, immersive visualisation across Touchpoints. Eccentric Engine was co-founded in 2012, by Gaurav Rane & Varun Shah. Owing to origin in gaming Industry, Eccentric Engine saw the opportunity of using Gaming-based Visualisation techniques to solve the Omni-channel Product Visualisation Problem. Eccentric Engine is the pioneer of WebGL Visualisation in India, on which One 3-D platform is based. One 3-D makes Immersive, Experiential content accessible to all; without depending on technologies such as AR & VR. Eccentric Engine is based out of Mumbai, with Production Unit in Pune and Research Facility in Belgium.


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